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Here at Mill Creek Parish, our mission is sharing Christ through meeting people at the point of their need in the name of Jesus. 

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We are devoted to growing, equipping, and sending followers of Jesus Christ into Ministry.

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Mill Creek Parish UMC’s Consensus Statement on Human Sexuality Through its intentional process of discernment,
Mill Creek Parish UMC has determined that:
  1. While its theology of human sexuality is evolving, MCP believes that the heart of the Gospel is that Christ’s love extends to all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference and that the congregation will reflect the Gospel by extending that same love
  2. MCP values God’s community more than it does strict or extreme adherence to doctrine
  3. MCP recognizes that its congregational stance reflects a departure from traditional interpretations of scripture prohibiting human sexuality.
While MCP respects other interpretations, it also recognizes that not all members are of like mind on this issue. Based on this discernment, the following decisions were made:

Gay Clergy:

  1. MCP rejects the traditional interpretation of scripture prohibiting homosexuality and will support the ordination of gay clergy in leadership positions at Mill Creek Parish
  2. MCP will articulate its own standards of what is expected of all clergy

Same-Sex Marriage:

  1. MCP will allow same-sex marriage by clergy at Mill Creek Parish
  2. MCP will develop rules for the performance of marriages that are the same for all couples
  3. MCP will leave the choice about whether or not to preside over marriage to the clergy officiant

On-Going Study and Reflection:

  1. MCP will continue to offer Biblical based group studies that address human sexuality within the context of Church History, Social Justice and Christian Family Development
  2. Group and congregational studies shall seek to apply the Wesley Quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience as a basis of its evaluatory processes regarding human sexuality


As we begin to reopen our doors, we have a big need for volunteers. More than 2 dozen of us said that we are willing and able to help; please sign up below! Without your service, we may not be able to worship in person. You can also find our Covid-19 Policy information below.